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Last update July 3, 2007

I have been dealing with computers for the last 15 or so years. Computers are more than just a hobby, they are more like an addiction, the more you use them, the more you want them. I am a game-a-holic, I LOVE TO GAME ! ! ! One of my hobbies, that I enjoy doing is, Computers, working on them, building them, helping other's with them and MOST of all, Internet Gaming!

I am one of the Founding Fathers of "Worldwide Internet Gamer's" (a.k.a. WIG). WIG's main goal, is to Play and Teach Online Gaming, Enjoy Computers, Help Others with Computers and most of all HAVE and be part of the FUN. WIG aims to organize fellow gamer's from all over the world and establish a worldwide gaming community of people with the same interests. As a united group, WIG can send a strong message, that WIG will be a force to be reckoned with, amongst game players and games manufacturers.

I enjoy helping others with thier computer problems, that is the way that I have learned everything I know about computers. Also It makes me feel good when I can help others solve thier computer problems, cause I know how much of a PAIN, Computer problems can be.

You could also vist the interview I did with the Local Newspaper, located at Post Crescent Interview

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One of my Latest adventures has brought me into GeoCaching.

What is Geocaching, you might ask???

Geocaching is a high-tech form of treasure hunting. If you have a hand-held GPS and haven't tried it, you're missing a lot of fun. All you have to do is log on at and sign up for free, then enter your ZIP code or the name of the place you happen to be.

In a few seconds you'll see a list of caches (pronounced "cashes"), where people have hidden things like
ammunition boxes, Tupperware containers, tennis ball cans, and you try to find them.

You get the GPS coordinates for each cache along with a hint and an estimate of the degree of difficulty. The resulting search can range from very easy to very hard, depending on the ingenuity of the people placing the cache and how much effort you want to put into finding it.

For more info on Geocashing, visit:

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*** Come join the fun at Wisconsin Geocaching Association HERE ***

PROUD member of Iron Worker's Local 8, located in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
For more Information on Iron Working, please visit: Ironworker's on the Web.

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I also have been getting into Digital Photography, with my Olympus E-500. Taking Digital Photo's is a lot of fun, better yet, showing off your pictures is even beter. I highly recommend and use XATSHOW for making CD Pictures Slide Shows, as it works great. What I really Enjoy about XATSHOW is, that you only need to burn 1 Slideshow CD, that can be either used on a PC, or on most newer Home DVD Players. Even people WITHOUT COMPUTERS (can you imagine not having a computer) can watch the Slideshow on their DVD player. XATSHOW Converts your photos to PC, Web or TV slideshows and screensavers. xatshow makes the worlds smallest single .EXE files that work as both slideshow and screensaver, ideal for email and download. You can also make TV slideshows for your DVD or digital camera. For more Info on XATSHOW, please click on this URL:

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